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  Welcome !

  Our company, from Romania, is offering VEKA PVC joinery - Germany and Balkan, Alumil, Exalco, Schüco etc, aluminum joinery for a "Super-Price".

  We export large quantities of VEKA PVC joinery (german quality for a "Super-Price"), and Balkan, Alumil, Exalco, Schüco aluminum joinery, jambes, rolls, sliding doors, mosquito nets, especialy in EU countries.

  Our joinery products are sold without glass. We provide top quality in design and production. We offer manufacturer price.

  The half-finished products are of top quality, ISO 9001 certified: PVC VEKA profiles- Germany, metal fittings: ROTO - Germany. We are using the latest technologies for our production line - ELUMATEC - GERMANY.

  We are VEKA authorised partners.

  To contact us, send an e-mail in English with your request at , and you will receive our offer as soon as possible.

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